Tiny Press Projects Books!! (2012)

Tiny Press Projects Books!! (2012)

Juliana Spahr…writes about how poetry is “currently the most anarchist of art forms in the United States” because it is “self-governing and decentralized.”…We need not look to a Department of Poetry to centralize and standardize our art; we need not look at the capitalistic markets that honor profits better than they support poetic innovation and ethical conduct. Rather, as Spahr points out, anyone can pitch in, simply by making culture happen: edit a little magazine, print a broadside, curate a reading series, broadcast a radio show. Writers and artists are empowered when we take on the means of production and distribution, but likewise, culture is strengthened when power is shifting through the hands of many rather than consolidated in the hands of few. Power is seized and re-seized, it is dispersed and shifting—sustaining lithe and innovative poetic cultures.

Kaia Sand, “many arrows touch a circle”

Tiny Press Projects Books!! (2011)

Tiny Press Projects Books!! (2011)

Tiny Press Practices is a hands-on exploration of contemporary autonomous small-press work as it relates to a poetics of community accountability.

Tiny Press Practices asks: How can each of us participate in creating the literary world we would like to inhabit?

Tiny Press Practices is a class taught by Jen Hofer as part of the MFA Writing Program at CalArts.

Tiny Press Practices is a poetics and an ethics. Welcome!



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