Shanna Compton (Bloof Books)
Interviewed by Carmelo Valone, 2015

Aaron Cohick (NewLights Press)
Interviewed by Elle Silver, 2015

Janice Lee ({out of nothing} and Entropy)
Interviewed by AJ Strout, 2015

Amber Nelson (alice blue books)
Interviewed by Quinn Gancedo, 2015

Noel Black (Angry Dog Midget Editions)
Interviewed by Stephanie Taglianetti, 2015

Kelly Dulaney and Todd Seabrook (The Cupboard)
Interviewed by Paul Christian, 2015

Noah Saterstrom and tc tolbert (Trickhouse)
Interviewed by T.M. Semrad, 2015

Kenneth Srivijittakar (Tiny Splendor)
Interviewed by Lindsey Eifert, 2015

Elizabeth Clark Wessel (Argos Books)
Interviewed by Leah Clancy, 2015

Chelsea Tadeyeske (pitymilk press and gritty silk journal)
Interviewed by Kit N. Edwards, 2015

April Sheridan (Center for Book and Paper Arts)
Interviewed by Allison Conner, 2015

Kristy Bowen (dancing girl press)
Interviewed by B Neimeth, 2015

Katherine Bogden and Matvei Yankelevich (6×6)
Interviewed by  Lianna Kissinger-Virizlay, 2013

David Abel and Sam Lohmann (Airfoil, Peaches & Bats, Envelope)
Interviewed by Jen Hutton, 2013

Brian Teare (Albion Books)
Interviewed by Emma E. Kemp, 2013

Brent Cunningham (Hooke Press)
Interviewed by Chrysanthe Tan, 2013

Gina Abelkop (Birds of Lace)
Interviewed by Karolyn Heimes, 2013

MC Hyland (DoubleCross Press)
Interviewed by Matt Broach and Jill Foster, 2011

Susan Schultz (Tinfish Press)
Interviewed by Diana Arterian and Emily Kiernan, 2010





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