Resources + Lists of Virtual and Actual Places to go for further information on Bookmaking, Small and Tiny Presses, and Artists’ Books

Book Arts and Bookmaking Websites

Artists Books Online
Book Arts Web
The Center for Book Arts
Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts
Guild of Bookworkers
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Otis College of Art and Design Artists’ Books Collection
Printed Matter
Purgatory Pie Press
San Francisco Center for the Book
Scripps College Press (left-hand sidebar)
Umbrella (Book Arts Magazine)
Vamp and Tramp Booksellers
Visual Studies Workshop
Western New York Book Arts Center
Women’s Studio Workshop

Bookmaking Resources and Supplies Online and In-The-World (shops with LA locations starred)

Envelope Mall
*Hiromi Paper
Hollander’s Paper and Bookbinding Supplies
Kate’s Paperie
*Kelly Paper
Paper Presentation
*Paper Source
Talas Bookmaking and Preservation Supplies

A Few Places Online To Find Huge Lists Of Small and Tiny Presses and Journals:

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop
Briar Press
Chapbook Festival website
DIY Publishing Poetry Cooperative
EPC List of Poetry Presses
Gently Read Literature, List of Literary Reviews and Journals
Poets & Writers Database of Small Presses and Publishers
Press Press Press
Printed Matter
Sink Review

Some Bookstores in Los Angeles that Carry Small, Tiny and Very Tiny Press Titles

436 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036
323 782 9221

The Last Bookstore
453 South Spring Street (ground floor)
Los Angeles CA 90013

Ooga Booga
943 North Broadway #203
Los Angeles CA 90012

Ooga Booga #2
356 South Mission Road #2
Los Angeles CA 90033

5002 York Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90042

Skylight Books
1818 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90027

Stories Books & Café
1716 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90026

A Brief and Partial DIY Bookmaking Bibliography Compiled by Jen Hofer and Brena Smith

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Clay, Steven and Jerome Rothenberg. A Book Of The Book: Some Works and Projections about the Book & Writing. New York: Granary Books, 1999. Print.

Diehn, Gwen. Making Books That Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up, Twist & Turn: Books for Kids to Make. Asheville: Lark Books, 2006. Print.

Drucker, Johanna. The Century Of Artists’ Books. New York: Granary Books, 2004. Print.

—. Figuring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing and Visual Poetics. New York: Granary Books, 1998. Print.

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Ikegami, Kojiro. Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions From A Master Craftsman. Weatherhill, 1986. Print.

Johnson, Pauline. Creative Bookbinding. First Edition. Dover Publications, 1990. Print.

Johnston, Alastair. ed., Hanging Quotes: Talking Book Arts, Typography & Poetry. Victoria, TX: Cuneiform Press, 2011. Print.

Lyons, Joan. Artists’ Books: A Critical Anthology and Sourcebook. Rochester, NY: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1985. Print.

The Penland Book of Handmade Books: Master Classes in Bookmaking Techniques. Asheville: Lark Books, 2008. Print.

Rothenberg, Jerome. The Book, Spiritual Instrument. New York: Granary Books, 1996. Print.

Smith, Esther K. How to Make Books. New York: Potter Craft, 2007. Print.

—. Magic Books & Paper Toys: Flip Books, E-Z Pop-Ups & Other Paper Playthings to Amaze & Delight. New York: Potter Craft, 2008. Print.

Smith, Keith A. and Fred Jordan. Bookbinding for Book Artists. Rochester, NY: Keith A. Smith Books, 1998. Print.

—. Non-Adhesive Binding: Books Without Paste or Glue. Rochester, NY: Keith A. Smith Books, 1999. Print.

Keith Smith’s website (where you will find many more books):

Stein, Jeannine. Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials. Minneapolis, MN: Quarry Books, 2009. Print.

Threads, sound recordings of talks curated by Steve Clay (of Granary Books) and poet Kyle Schlesinger. The series “is devoted to the art of the book featuring poets, scholars, artists, and publishers. The objective for the series is to build on the discourse within book arts to explore and enrich relationships between various strands of book culture…”

Wasserman, Krystyna. The Book as Art: Artists’ Books from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Architectural Press, 2006. Print.

Weston, Heather. Bookcraft: Techniques for Binding, Folding, and Decorating to Create Books
and More. Beverly, Mass.: Quarry Books, 2008. Print.

A Few Online Bibliographies on Book Arts and Bookmaking:

Artists’ Books in Libraries: History and Theory:
Is It A Book?
from Opening Up the Sky: Creative Writing in Inclusive Settings, Deb Stuart and Mimi White:
David S. Rose, An Annotated Bibliography of Typography, Letterpress Printing and Other Arts of the Book:
David Rose’s bibliography contains a list of bibliographies:
San Francisco Bay Area Book Arts Bibliography:
The Library of Congress: Preservation:


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